Have you considered volunteering with Tees Wheelyboats?

What we do.

Tees Wheelboats provide a free service to enable folks with disabilities of any form to enjoy boat trips on the River Tees

When do we do it?

We operate the boat on the river between April and September.

Conditions on the river can be cold and wet in the winter month, we like our visitors to be comfortable and enjoy the trips.

Members meet monthly to keep up with training, have a quiz, discuss the trips or just a friendly chat.

What can you do to help?

Promote our service. Drive the boat. Crew on the boat. Help visitors to prepare and get on and off the boat. Fundraise. Plus you can enjoy being on the water and enjoy the sights. Its a lot better than you would imagine!

What commitment is needed.

We do not ask for any fixed commitment in time or effort.

It may be a couple of hours on the water or just promoting our service by talking to family and friends.

Give it a go!

Come out with us for a taster session. A short trip on the river to experience the fun we all have.

If you wish to join us or require more information.

Contact us by phone on 07748 908 646